SWATC Program Specific Academic Enrollment Requirements


Students who desire to be admitted to one of these programs at SWATC will take the TABE assessment to determine their basic academic skill levels. With the exception of Medical Assistant and Medical Clinical Assistant, a grade level equivalent of 9.0 or higher in the Applied Mathematics, Math Computation and Reading sub-tests will be required for entrance into a program. Entrance into Medical Assistant and Medical Clinical Assistant will require a grade level equivalent of 9.0 or higher for the Applied Mathematics and Math Computation sub-tests and a grade level equivalent of 10.0 or higher for the Reading sub-test. Students who do not meet these requirements may enroll in Iron County Adult Education to take course work to improve their basic skills and prepare for program admission.

A.C.T. Equivalent:

A student who has attained an ACT composite score of 17 or higher within four years of the date of admission will be exempt from the TABE testing requirements. Documentation of the ACT composite test score will be provided by the student through an ACT score report or an ACT score posted to a high school transcript.

***Federal Financial Aid may have additional requirements***

How to Get Started…

  1. Choose your program
  2. Arrange your financing – self-pay, sponsor, financial aid
  3. Register
  4. Enroll

Student Services is located on the Main Campus and available to assist your registration and enrollment.

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